11 August 2014

Anna Meschiari - Atlas

Anna Meschiari
5 Books, each 28 pages in a handmade cardboard box
b&w digital printing
140 x 170 mm
Edition of 10
96 € + shipping costs

"Atlas is the name of the well known Titan that carried the heaven on his shoulders. It is also the name of the vertebra that supports the skull, one of the craters of the Moon, a satellite of Saturn, the largest butterfly of the world, a bodybuilder, a pizza, a condom, a car radio, a chain of mountains, of the well known work of Gerhard Richter,… Things and beings, places and works of art, by the name of Atlas through the world are countless – and more the images representing it circulating on the Internet. Some have retain me. A collection took shape. But what to a such a profusion? Titanic task… as infinite."

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