02 October 2014

Rodrigo Miragaia - As Taínhas (The Mullets)

As Taínhas (The Mullets)
Rodrigo Miragaia
48 pages, 27,5x19,5 cm (closed)
printed in the two most cheapest printers I could find
12,50 € + shipping

Edition: "This is a very particular edition. When my work was printing in a cheap local store, the printer broke down and the owner said she was going to buy a new one. So, I had to finish the work in another store. From this first edition, I just manage to print 10 copies, and if there's more demand, I'll print it again, but with different papers and brilliance. At this time, I make 10 zines at the time, cause I can't afford to have more books in my house. "

"Photozine about the feast of the mullets in the Tagus River (Lisbon/Portugal), their dance with the jellyfish and the struggle for survival at the outputs sewage."

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