26 November 2014

Juan Aballe - Country Fictions

Country Fictions
by Juan Aballe
Text and photographs by Juan Aballe
Graphic Design by Jaime Narváez
Essay by Eduardo Momeñe
80 pages
210 x 243mm / 8.27 x 9.6 inches
 Edition of 500
27€ + shipping

"Produced between 2011 and 2013 in Iberian Peninsula, this book deals with my relationship with the rural environment and the emotions brought about by the possibility of taking the big step of leaving the city and living closer to nature. Country Fictions also reflects on the photographic language itself and how we are influenced by previous representations and preconceived ideas about rural utopias. The illusion of escaping from contemporary society, the naivety and the hopes built around nature come together with the strangeness and the nostalgic look at a life that is not mine."

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