11 May 2015

Jason Shechtman - Your Hang-Ups Follow You Like Shadows

Your Hang-Ups Follow You Like Shadows
By Jason Shechtman
Design: Max Fisher and Jason Shechtman
42 pages, 7.125” x 10” (18.1 x 25.4 cm)
Digital Printing, Perfect Bound, Diecut Cover
Numbered Edition of 300
Includes a signed, stamped, numbered archival inkjet print
Price: $30 US, $35 Canada/Mexico, $45 Worldwide (includes shipping)

“In Lisboa, I passed solitary people on the street and began to wonder what they were thinking about, on what reverie they drifted, who they were missing, what secret they were keeping… What were their hang-ups? I thought about objects and places, and the meanings and memories that people assign to them. And then I sought to make photos around the city that captured this longing, this loneliness, these mental and emotional obstacles and associations that most likely are never told, let alone understood by others.”

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