11 June 2015

Antonio La Grotta - Paradise Discotheque

Paradise Discotheque
by Antonio La Grotta
Additional contributors: NOPX
Size: 17x22,7cm /6,7x8,15inch
Pages: 96 / 67 photographs
Laser printing
Paper: Usomano / matt coated / 200 gsm + Heavy Softcover mirror board, high gloss, silver metallicized (reflecting / white)
limited edition of 150 copies
Price: 40 € + shipping

"Paradise Discotheque is a book about the crumbling and abandoned remains of Italy's Once-Grand Discotheques. The layout of Paradise Discotheque is an arrangement of segments folded and layered inside and around each other. There is no one proper way to read through it. By opening and unfolding different pages, the reader enjoys a new order and experience every time. It is like a musical score that changes continuously."

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