14 July 2015

Edo Bertoglio - New York Polaroids 1976—1989

New York Polaroids 1976—1989
by Edo Bertoglio
with a text by Mariuccia Casadio and an excerpt of the interview with the artist by Stefano Bianchi
232 pp, Size: 18,5 x 27 cm
offset printing
Edition: 500
Price: 35 €

"New York Polaroids 1976-1989 (Yard Press, 2015) is the culmination of Edo Bertoglio’s personal diary that covers more than ten years, in which the Swiss photographer and film maker used the instant camera as a pop and documentary tool at the same time, recording in one single copy snapshots, portraits, interiors and views full of rare poetism and power. In these scenes we find his friends and some of the most important artists of the New York of that era, including Arto Lindsay, Grace Jones, Maripol, Glenn O’Brien, Debbie Harry, Madonna, Andy Warhol and John Lurie."

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