06 November 2015

Yanni Florence - Animal Life

Animal Life 
by Yanni Florence 
Text by Greg Deftereos
56 pages, 46 colour photographs
290 x 210mm (11.4 x 8.2 inches)
Hard cover
Limited edition of 50, numbered and signed
Price : AUS $31.82

Photographs by Yanni Florence, which in the city light and streets capture the animal figure and print in fashion and the bodies that inhabit it. "With animal prints the wearer conflates the aspects of the totem with the self, or the self they are at that time performing. Some aspect of wearing animal prints is the conflation of the self with characteristics of the animals portrayed, and most often – aside say, from the portrayal of kittens, (but then again) – this is sexual.” Greg Deftereos, Archeologist

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