19 December 2015

Tom Janssen - Parade

by Tom Janssen
design by Simon Burer, story by Frank Heinen, essay by Dirk van Weelden
88 pages with 4 fold-outs + booklet, 60 photographs, 30x23,6cm / 11,8x9,3inch
offset print
edition of 1000 including 24 special editions
€ 34,50

“With over five hundred parades each year in such a small country as the Netherlands, one can’t neglect the role they play within large parts of society. The building of a float takes months and stands in no comparison to the sparse hours that they roll through the streets, and their real beauty can be found in the perseverance with which they are made. Positioned within the well-organized Dutch landscape all those surreal creations almost seem like a silent protest against conformity.”


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