18 February 2016

Gytis Skudzinskas - Some Thesis on Photography

Some Thesis on Photography
by Gytis Skudzinskas
Text by Jurij Dobriakov
Publisher NoRoutineBooks
104 pages, 15x18 cm
Offset printing
Papers: Kaskad Fawn 130 gms, Multi Art Silk 150 gms, Munken Pure 130 gms, Cyclus Offset 140 gms, G-Print 150 gms.
Limited edition 99 + 3 AP, all books numbered and signed
20,00 € + shipping

"Skudžinskas' creative methodics and philosophy can be identified as a certain metaphysics of photography or even radiology of photography. He has no interest in the image as such; what is central in his work is the innards of the image, the underlying principles of its functioning, or its placement in a wider contextual system. Skudžinskas often abandons any physical artefacts of photography entirely by substituting them with the signs of a different kind-for example, texts." - Jurij Dobriakov

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