17 June 2016

Davide Palmisano - Timeless Persia

Timeless Persia
by Davide Palmisano
edited by Paola Riccardi
text (italian and persian) by Davide Palmisano, Paola Riccardi, Antonello Sacchetti
96 pages, 16,5x24 cm
digital hp indigo print on paper gardapat 13 kiara, 150 g/mq softcover
first edition of 150 copies, signed and numbered
28 euro + shipping

"Iran is a country with no time. The story becomes narration - when even poetry - up to often confused with the experience of the same narrator. Timeless Persia is a photographic story that expresses the contrasts and contradictions of Iran, and at the same time being a story of a personal journey."

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