22 July 2016

Ana Zaragoza - Cádiz, The Oldest City

Cádiz, The Oldest City
by Ana Zaragoza
Correction of texts: Roberto Villalón y Nacho Moreno
Design & layout: Caravanbook
Published by Caravanbook
Translation: Dario Quondamstefano
A6 size, 24 + 4 pages
Digital laser color print on Cyclus paper 90 grs. (100% recycled)
Price: 10 eur + shipping costs

"Cádiz is the Mermaid of the Ocean according to Byron. Venturing in the heart of the city is like walking back in time. Its walls, worn out by the weight of time, are a witness to historical milestones. From its harbour, Hannibal embarked on a quest to conquer Italy and Christopher Columbus set sails towards the discovery of the Indies. (...)"

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