29 August 2016

Julia Borissova - DOM (Document Object Model)

DOM (Document Object Model)
by Julia Borissova
Self published art book
Gatefold softcover, swiss brochure, hand-bound
48 pages including 12 four-panel gatefolds + 20 p. booklet
15 x 20 cm
Digital Print
Edition of 75, signed and hand numbered
The book will come with art. print 20 x 13 cm (3 different motifs, edition of 25 of each motif)
55 € + shipping 10 €

"For my project DOM I wanted to “grow” an image. My idea was to create a utopian version of of apartment buildings which I removed from their usual context and placed in other settings. I explored how our concept of home changes over time and transforms in connection with the place in which we live."

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