28 October 2016

various artists - Rabbit Rabbit

Rabbit Rabbit
by Mika Aono, Nathalie Brilliant, Rachelle Bussières, Joanne Easton, Marshall Elliott, Camden Hardy, Elise Kirk, Natalie Krick, Victoria Maidhof, Takako Matoba, Aram Muksian, Anh-Thuy Nguyen, Michelle Ott, Özlem Ayse Özgür, Megan Reed, T. Rios, Anna Rose, Ileana Tejada, Dr. Marcy Willard, Dr. Cori Wong, and Raheleh Minoosh Zomorrodinia.

104 pp, 14 x 21.5cm, 5.5 x 8.5in
Digital printing, Indigo press
Edition of 500. First 200 copies sold include a limited edition collectable postcard beautifully crafted from a 1940's illustration sourced from Big Bad Bettie's archive.
 $40 USD + shipping

"Rabbit Rabbit is an annual curated journal of emerging artists and innovators.  RR01 Transition brings together recent graduates in a variety of fields, each of them in the midst of navigating their own transition from the boundaries of graduate school to the murky lines of the “real world”.   Conceived as a "portable exhibition", Rabbit Rabbit boasts a luxurious cover, compact size, high-quality printing, and unique design that interweaves imagery, essays, exclusive interviews, and even a guided tour."

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