25 November 2016

Various artists - Mythologique

by Elena Anosova, Ekaterina Ashitkova, Natalia Baluta, Anastasia Bogomolova, Varvara Kuzmina, Sergey Poteryaev, Juliana Semenova
Introduction: Anastasia Bogomolova
Design: Tungus Bodr
16 pages, 21 × 28 cm (8,2 х 11 inches)
Digital print, two types of paper
Edition: 60 copies
Languages: English, Russian
€ 8 + shipping

"The collective project of seven artists from Russia, dedicated to the study of the regional mythology. The space cold in Yakutsk, the search for traces of collision with the Universe, the myth of the space pioneer, the story of the pilot-spy, unreal urban landscapes, people who departed from the shore of the Aral Sea and the life of hunters from the Nizhnaya Tunguska are the parts of this zine."

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