06 December 2016

various artists - LDOC Collected Edition

LDOC Collected Edition
featuring Kirsten Aguilar, Yuan Changming, Philip Dembinski, Amy Giacalone, Liz Grear, Eric Hazen, Alex Jaros, Rachel Jump, Rita Koehler, Jennifer B. Larson, Megan Magill, Hannah McHugh, Sahar Mustafah, Meg T. Noe, Nathan Pearce, Carly Ries, John Steck Jr., Natalie Unger, Pablo Vindel, Guanyu Xu, Victor Yañez-Lazcano, Lauren Zallo
24 issues, 4 pages each, 34 x 17.75 cm, 13.375 x 7 inches
Offset Prints
Edition of 50
$25 US / $40 International

“LDOC was a free creative writing and photography publication distributed to Red Line train riders in Chicago through newspaper boxes and hand-to-hand distribution. Each month’s issue featured two installments of an emerging Chicago artist and writer. The publication was co-created by Danielle & Joseph Wilcox with the hope of bringing art to audiences that might not otherwise engage with it.”

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