25 July 2017

Gilles Mercier - Zona de Alb

Zona de Alb
by Gilles Mercier
2 books, 24 pages, A5
Offset printing, on Quadri, 240gr & 130 gr
Edition: 100 copies signed
25 € incl. shipping

"In the 1950s, the Romanian authorities announced that leprosy, this 'divine punishment', had been eradicated in Romania, whereas actually all lepers had secretly been sent to Tichilesti. Officially recognised in the 1990s, but admitted nowhere, fourteen villagers still remain in this white zone, the territory of the forgotten, the “Zona de Alb”. In 1999, I took a path leading away from the main road that followed the Danube Delta. In 2016, I came back, and found that scientific and social progress have not followed the same path."

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