22 October 2017

Vincent Buller - I arrived at Cape Disappointment

I arrived at Cape Disappointment
by Vincent Buller
Additional contributors: Welmer Keesmaat (design), Raymond Frenken (text consulting), Marc Gijzen (lithography)
80 pages + 8 page text insert, 40 photos, 28x22 cm (11x8.7”)
Digital print by NPN printers (NL) on 170g Muncken Lynx paper
40€ + shipping

"Prompted by a feeling of disappointment I travelled to Cape Disappointment (USA) for introspection. This cape was also the endpoint of the Lewis & Clark expedition early 19th century, and the similarities and differences between our travels gave rise to thought about measures of success, and how expectations, success and disappointment are related. All this in an environment with breathtaking nature, and towns that were obviously hit by the economic downturn."

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