22 February 2010

Davi Russo - Just a mouthful

Just a mouthful by Davi Russo

selfpublished softcover book, 142 pages
offset, tri-tone B&W
size: 9x6 inches - 22,86 x 15,24 cm
edition: 300 (about 75 copies left)
printing: offset, tri-tone B&W
year: 2006
price: $30 USD

"Just a Mouthful is the first published book exposing my body of work as a photographer. During the process of shooting the images in the book, I found myself really wanting to flirt with subjects, places, and experiences in which I thought would lead me to answers i was searching for. Those 2 weeks that resulted Just a Mouthful, was utterly miserable, I found myself destroying everything good around me and almost getting a divorce from my wife. In retrospect, I was flirting with disaster but the work of those pages hold dear and honest to me."

website, order here or here

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