03 February 2010

Katharina Gaenssler - Edition Merzbau

Katharina Gaenssler
Edition Merzbau
published by the Friends of the Sprengel Museum Hannover e.V.
Edition 20+4, 2009/2010
Carbon Print, 55 x 40 cm
280.00 €

"The interaction of art and everyday life takes us to the space where this work will be on view, in Schwitters' Merzbau. The reconstruction of this room within the Sprengel Museum Hannover has also captured Katharina Gaenssler's attention and is dealt with in the framework of her retrospective. Gaenssler plays with the essence of this unique space by contrasting fragments and mass, the ephemeral and that which is fixed, reality and fantasy: she deconstructed the Merzbau, using her camera to follow how a gamut of fragments can be perceived as a whole, and, through qualities unique to a book as a medium, re-ordered the reconstruction of the space."

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