26 May 2010

Andrew Phelps - 720

720 - (Two Times Around)
Andrew Phelps
34 pages, 16x21 cm/ 6.5x8.5 inches
edition of 100, signed and numbered
Digital Offset, soft cover. Wrap-around spiral binding
34,- Euro / 45,- USD

"...Its been 20 years since I sliced a transition out of a sheet of plywood and leaned it against a wall, but thankfully photography still manages to get my heart racing from time to time. I made these images with a bit of envy, jealous of the kids who took the relics of a corporate wasteland, and with a few power tools and some ingenuity, created their own world. With those familiar, but long forgotten butterflies that come with breaking-and-entering, I don’t know which pull was stronger, the desire to compose these images or the urge to push along the corridor and ride up a wall. When I dream of skateboarding, I’m Mike Mcgill. When I dream of photographing, I’m Robert Adams..."

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