23 May 2010

Nemanja Knežević - Acdcnyc

by Nemanja Knežević
36 pages / Softcover / 15x21 cm / Black and White inkjet print.
Homemade, hand-numbered and limited to 50 copies.
Designed by Stefan Unković.
Published by SuperSizeShe.
Price: 10€

"Acdcnyc is a book of photographs which were taken during my stay in the USA over the summer of 2009. In that period I was intensively snapping shots on the relation between Atlantic City - Washington DC - New York City and in these cities were made all of the photographs that are in the book. In it, alongside the introductionary essay, are 28 monochrome photographs which represent summerized section of everything that I’ve seen, noted, and what has, on any level, touched me."

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