29 October 2011

Jackson Eaton - Coney Island Malibu Beach

Title: Coney Island Malibu Beach
Artists: Jackson Eaton, Benjamin Acree, Robert S. Johnson
Additional contributor: Matthew Hall (essay)
Type: Book
Format: 64 pages, 29.7 x 21cm or 11.7 x 8.27 inch
Edition: 500 (limited)
Printing: Offset
Price: AUD $20 + shipping

This book gathers together a series of photographs taken by Benjamin Acree, Jackson Eaton and Robert S. Johnson, as they collectively passed through the United States. What is striking in these images is the very absence of the cultivated, dominant images, we all have, as everyday consumers of imagery and photography. It is this absence that defines the collection; an absence which does not attempt to signify the sanctity of the condition, but provides, determinedly, its own portrait of the Real.

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