27 October 2011

Adrian Tyler - Form and Fiction

Title: Form and Fiction
Artist: Adrian Tyler
Type: Softcover book with dustjacket
Pages: 36
Size: 9.5” x 13.5” (240 x 340mm)
Edition: 500
Printing: Offset
Price: 15 Euros + PP

"Our visions of nature are loaded with memories, myths and meanings. Although we are accustomed to separate nature and human perception into two realms, they are indivisible. Landscape is the work of the mind, built up from memory. Forests in pagan tradition are the birthplace of nations and have a long rich history of associations, between the pagan tree idoltary, the distinctive forms of Gothic architecture, Christian iconography of the Tree of Life to images like Caspar David Friedrich’s association between the evergreen fir and the architecture of resurrection. (1) The project Forest has been made in the last surviving areas of European primeval forest and comprises of 21 images reflecting the anual cycle of vegitation where death composts the cycle of rebirth and seems to promise true immortality. (1) Simon Scharma, Landscape and Memory, Vintage Books 1996"

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