21 November 2011

Dale Schreiner - Thereafter

Title: Thereafter
Name of Artist: Dale Schreiner
Number of pages: 32
Size of pages: 9.5" x 8.25", 24.1cm x 21cm
Edition Size: 20
Type of Printing: Archival original inkjet prints (photographs); Letterpress (text)
Price: $275

"Thereafter is a book of 22 photographs about coming to terms with the unanswerable consequences of a violent crime, one in which the details won’t ever be known, and where an unwanted acceptance is all that lives on as told through images of the Oregon landscape. It is Dale Schreiner's first book, completely handmade with subtlety toned prints on Moab rag paper, case-bound, with a short letterpress printed accompanying text by the artist."

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