07 November 2011

Marco van Duyvendijk - Watch the Weather Change

Titel: Watch the Weather Change
Photographer: Marco van Duyvendijk
96 pages
Hardcover, 46 photos, 20 Instax Mini's, full color offset.
17,5 by 22 cm (6,9 by 8,7 inch)
Edition size 500
27,50 euro (and shipping costs outside the Netherlands)

“An unexpected encounter on the Internet with someone on the other side of the world. The concentration of a puppet maker in his workshop. The poems that Dutch writer Jo Landheer wrote in the nineteen twenties. These are just some of the elements that photographer Marco van Duyvendijk brings together in the new photo book of his own design, Watch the Weather Change. In his work, Marco van Duyvendijk is increasingly on the lookout for a form of visual poetry - a search for the gray area between documentary photography and storytelling.”

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