24 May 2012

Céline Marique & Daniel Piaggio Strandlund - interfering with peaceful delusion

interfering with peaceful delusion

Céline Marique & Daniel Piaggio Strandlund
200 x 265 mm (7.9 × 10.4 in), 20p., edited by in de keuken, 2012.

Graphic design : Andreas Stathopoulos

Numbered edition of 100

Risograph print @ PTTL

€ 8 + shipping

"interfering with peaceful delusion is the first common project of the artists Céline Marique and Daniel Piaggio Strandlund. Their sensual vision of the interference between organic and non-organic matter in the urban context show the poetry of dissonance. The graphic and print process pursue this idea pointing out the visual noise of the images in particular by integrating a part of accident, of non-control."

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