24 May 2012

Myles Haselhorst (Editor) - Women I Never Knew No. 1

Women I Never Knew No. 1
Myles Haselhorst (Editor)
5 x 7 in.
67 pages, 32 photographs
Edition of 100
$25 for standard copy/$75 for signed copy with vintage photograph

"Women I Never Knew No. 1 is the first in an ongoing series of publications that explore sexuality & nudity in found photography. The title itself is both a play on words & the statement of a simple fact: I never knew these women until I found photographs of them. Inherent in the act of collecting found photography is an element of voyeurism, of stumbling upon the record of a moment that we are not supposed see. When the photograph in question is sexual or erotic, the sense of invading a moment that was essentially private is heightened. This dichotomy of a private act made public through a mix of amateur photography & passing time is fascinating. It compels us to assume that by the very act of taking these photographs the people in them (& the photographer) wanted them to eventually be seen, evening if the moment of unveiling took decades."

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