18 December 2012

Paul Greenleaf - R.275 Modern House

R.275 Modern House
Paul Greenleaf
8pp booklet which folds out to single sheet ‘poster’ plus card with introductory text, 145 x 195mm, (5.7 x 7.7 inch), folding out to 578 x 380mm (22.7 x 15 inch)
Edition: 1000 copies
Digital on 55gsm recycled paper
US $9.5 / EU €7.5 / UK £6.00 + shipping

After purchasing a discontinued model house made by Hornby model railways, Paul Greenleaf tracked down the original building the kit was based on, a semi-detached house in Margate, Kent, built in 1971. The resulting work is a visual deconstruction and subsequent reconstruction of the ubiquitous suburban house."

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