12 December 2012

Andreas H. Bitesnich - Deeper Shades #02 Tokyo

Deeper Shades #02 Tokyo
Andreas H. Bitesnich
96 pages
24cm x 32cm (9.4in x 12.6in)
Edition of 960 numbered copies
Limited slip-cased edition of 20 signed & numbered copies including original signed print
Euro 55

 "“The flawless and the raw” are Andreas H. Bitesnich’s defining elements of Japanese culture, and the way it is reflected in his own work. A master of the controlled studio composition, Bitesnich demonstrates that he is equally at home producing perfect compositions from random street situations, where the rawness of bare flesh is replaced by analogue roughness thrust over the bare bones of urban living. Images which in themselves are surprising, almost surrealistic, become even more bizarre through the book’s use of juxtaposition, lending meaning, distorting meaning, or as with most street photography, leaving meaning entirely open to the interpretation of the individual."

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