12 February 2013

Valentina Abenavoli - My name is Elena

My name is Elena
Valentina Abenavoli
Hand-sewn zine
A5 format, 32 pages 160gsm white card, red linen thread
Eclisse series #4
Published by Akinabooks, edited by Alex Bocchetto
Afterword by Constantin Nimigean

Numbered edition of 100
LED printing
Price: £10

"Elena is a tailor, not rich but does not complain. She never moved from her country. Her sister has found a new life in Italy and doesn't want to return. Elena cries, taking medicines for depression. She asks me to take some pictures to show to her sister in Italy. But I don't know her sister. And these pictures not only tell about Elena but they seem to speak for an entire country. She yells against a gypsy, she show me her family pictures, she tells me that children are still abandoned. Ceausescu is gone. But the country struggles to grow up. And then she says: "My name is Elena", as the dictator's wife."

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