13 February 2013

Claudia Eschborn - 1520/21

Claudia Eschborn
Text by Christoph Tannert
book / box of prints
45 large format photographs (23 x 26,5 cm) printed on 300g Lessebo Design Natural, and 43 polaroids (12 x 12 cm) printed on 170g Lessebo Design natural in an artist-made cardboard box.
40 signed and numbered copies
98 € + p/p

"The fascination for Albrecht Dürer’s graphic work and – as a result of this – an intense curiosity, lead through a variety of ways to the reading of Gerd Unverfehrts book „Da sah ich viel köstliche Dinge“, which tells about Dürer’s travel to the Netherlands in the years of 1520/21."

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