08 July 2013

Alex Partola - Ghost in the Machine

Title: Ghost in the Machine
Artist: Alex Partola
Contributors: Nikita Skryabin, Adno, Sanex, Gets, Kvadrat, Robe, Snek, Auto, Bruk, Rambo, Waspe, Blesg, Ros, Oser, Host, Humor, Aston, Debut, Bazuk, Men, Wen, Brok, Sker, Rude, Slack, Spacer.
124 pages
Edition of 520 - signed and numbered
£25 + p&p

"Ghost is the soul or spirit, it can appear translucent or as barely visible wispy shapes, almost invisible to the naked eye" this sentence resonates truth in more ways than one when it comes to Alex Partola's new book. Through his photography he manages to capture the plight of a misunderstood community that craves the freedom of artistic expression while seeking no personal recognition. The artists he photographs are shadows not only in the dark, but also to the art community that so adamantly rejects their premise.

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