06 July 2013

David O'Mara - Detritus issue Four

Title: Detritus issue Four
Artist: David O'Mara
16 pages
289mm x 380mm
Edition size : 100 signed and numbered
digital newsprint
Price: £2 +p&p

"A4-sized documents create a map of our lives that expand in all directions, not just our geophysical presence but our socio-economic footprints, our corporeal frailties and interpersonal relationships. It heralds both our very beginning and our exit with bureaucratic efficiency. We become both author and subject of paperwork that circulates between the institutions of our public and private selves.From the real to the imagined, everything crosses the proportions of A4. This is even truer of the pages I have found on the street. A ubiquitous feature of our urban environment, they lie stained, ripped and embossed by traffic. Rejected or misplaced, these documents litter the streets with unwanted and unneeded information, oblique fragments of life waiting to be pulped into the ground."

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