23 August 2013

Garapa Collective - A Margem (The Riverbank)

A Margem (The Riverbank)
Author: Garapa Collective
Design: Milena Galli
Essay by: Eder Chiodetto
250 x 170mm/ 10 x 7 inches, 96 pp.
First Edition, 2000 copies
Price: BRL 15.00 / US$10, plus shipping

“Conscious of the labyrinthine historical and symbolic folds kept between the two 594 miles long banks of the Tietê River, the Garapa photographers threw themselves into a series of expeditions, remaking the courses of navigators who took part in exploratory missions along the river in the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries, in Brazil. This book intends to be the retribution to the public of what was collected along those journeys. It suggests a reflection on how to construct narratives from a subject that slides and won’t let us catch it in a direct, objective way.” (Eder Chiodetto)

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