31 August 2013

Birgit Wudtke - Untouched Touched Retouched

Untouched Touched Retouched
Birgit Wudtke
Text: Ursula Meyer-Rogge
64 pages
16,5 cm x 20,5 cm
1st edition, 300 copies four-colour-offsetprint
Price: 22,- Euro

"Landscapes - Portraits - Retouching Layers
The sequence of the photographs are grouped into three chapters which allude to specific themes, namely, `untouched touched retouched.´ Touch, in the German translation conveys a gentleness, a sensitivity, it goes beyond the sense of touch implying that one is moved or touched by something, or in the perfect tense, was touched by something. Thus a translation of the word should include the component of retouched or "touched again", a meaning, still contained in the French origin of the word."

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