14 October 2013

Tarrah Krajnak - South Sound

South Sound
Tarrah Krajnak
Essay by Alexander Keefe
6 x 8 in.
114 pages
Edition of 100 (15 signed & numbered copies include one of 15 signed 11 x 14 inch pigment prints by the artist)
Price: $25

"South Sound is the outcome of several months spent in a small cabin built in 1954 on Puget Sound by an Anglican minster & unorthodox Jungian psychologist. Drawing upon old snapshots & books she found in the cabin, photographer Tarrah Krajnak has created juxtapositions that are meant to be suggestive rather than expository. Relying on the formal and material qualities of the objects within them as well as their mysterious textual and photographic contents, her photographs elicit responses ranging from synthetic story-making to mute, impassable aporia."

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