02 October 2013

Gustavo Alemán - (No) soy de aquí

(No) soy de aquí
Gustavo Alemán
60 pages
21.5 x 16 cm / 8.43 x 6.3 inches
Edition of 750 ( 250 available to the public)
20 euros + shipping

 "(No) soy de aquí/ I´m (not) from here " was born of a faint but persistent discomfort, of the feeling of disbelief about my surroundings and of a dual rejection / attraction that this territory provokes in me. This work is the exploration of that discomfort and of my beliefs about Murcia, the region where I live. Exorcism, homage, mockery and research at once, "(No) soy de aquí" is the (self) portrait, made by one of its confused inhabitants, of a place impossible but real."

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