22 January 2016

Susan Hacker Stang - reAPPEARANCES

by Susan Hacker Stang
design by Zamudio Creative
introductory poem by Ken Lauter
88 pages / 9 x 9 in (22.86 x 22.86 cm)
hard cover with slipcase, printed in South Korea
edition of 500

reAPPEARANCES is a sequence of fifty-two photographs that takes the viewer on a journey through the uncanny coherence of the look of the world. Shot using a small digital toy camera with a plastic lens, this series includes photographs taken in a number of countries and cities, and this variety of locations makes even more apparentthe serendipitous connections between different places and cultures, from the Empire State Building and Tower of Pisa, to Marilyn Monroe, baseball, gondolas, and drive-thru wedding chapels. The book begins with the poem “Eyes” by Ken Lauter and is followed by an introductory essay writtten by the photographer."

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