15 January 2016

Welcome to Brown Wolf Photo Books : peer-to-peer photo book sales

Ada Emma Dean, spirit photographer, circa 1922

Brown Wolf was one of the spirit guides of Mrs. Ada Emma Deane, an erstwhile famous medium and photographer whose name lives on in my blog Mrs. Deane.

Brown Wolf Photo Books was created to guide rare & out of print photo books to a next life in the homes of new owners.

Brown Wolf is set up as a peer-to-peer platform, independent from existing mainstream book selling platforms for the same reason as The Independent Photo Book blog was: to minimize charges by intermediary agents, resellers and bulk distributors.

During the start-up period, only books from mrs. Deane’s personal collection will be listed. In the future other services for buyers and sellers might be added, depending on demands in need of real but simple solutions.

I'm considering to open up this new platform for other contributors as well, because I think there may be a need for a very basic, no-frills meeting place dedicated to photo books only - one that operates outside gated communities such as Facebook, and is accessible to the general public. Mind that this would only be for used / rare /out of print photo books, not for new publications!

The question is: would you use such a platform to list your books for free? Or what do you think does it take to set up simple peer-to-peer book sales that benefits the entire community in the way that The Independent Photo Book has done since its inception?

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