26 April 2016

David Spagnolo - Elevations

by David Spagnolo
Published by E23 Editions
20 pages, 7.50 x 6 inches
Mohawk premium natural white uncoated heavy stock
Printed by Conveyor Arts, Newark, NJ
Edition of 100, numbered and signed
$20 (postage included)

Elevations is a select group of photographs from a series depicting the thousands of trees that inhabit the midtown and downtown areas of Sacramento, California. Long exposures made during fall and winter nights using an 8x10 view camera and contact printed onto gold-toned silver chloride paper, the photographs radiate a dark yet absorbing sense of light, atmosphere, and mystery. "Elevations" is the first book by Sacramento based photographer David Spagnolo and is published by E23 Editions, the personal imprint for the photographer as a platform to display his own work and that of other photographers and painters. "

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