11 April 2016

Antoine Leblond - 列車がきます / ressha ga kimasu

列車がきます / ressha ga kimasu
by Antoine Leblond
60 pages, 47 photographs
19 × 26 cm, 7.4 × 10 in.
60 page duotone offset printing on Fedrigoni Old Mill + 1 page hand-printed on Fedrigoni Materica
softcover (w/ obi), hot stamping on Arjowiggins Curious Matter
edition of 200, self-published
40.00 € + 4.00 € (worldwide shipping)

"The photographs presented in this book are just a short segment of a never-ending project I started a few years ago — and still in progress — about Japan as seen through its railways. Humans are just robots now. Locomotives have faces, characters, appear dazzled, anesthetized by the snow, exhausted by endless trips… A (kind of) photographic homage to Kraftwerk’s T.E.E. album."

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