13 January 2017

Mattia Vacca - A winter's tale

A winter's tale
by Mattia Vacca
Edited by Emanuela Mirabelli
Text (english and italian) by Emanuela Mirabelli, Maurizio Pratelli, Luca Galli
112 Pages,  24x28 cm
Offset Printing, Hardcover
First edition, 1000 copies
40 € + shipping

"In a green valley, amongst Lake Como’s forests and alpine pastures, the Carnival of Schignano is celebrated every year and sinks its roots in the past, when the men used to leave their homes and families for nine months a year. The parade, full of allegories and symbols, depicts the farewell of the men, who have to leave village one again towards their migrant destiny. A spontaneous festival, anarchical, without rules or written laws, that continues to live only thanks to the people’s spirit and to the artisans who cave the characteristic wooden masks."

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