19 January 2017

Patrick Morarescu - Performing Grounds

Performing Grounds
by Patrick Morarescu
Published by Trema Förlag [SWE]
Design: Dennis Hankvist
Edited by Dennis Hankvist & Patrick Morarescu
Text: English
170 x 240 mm. Hard cover
72 pages, 57 colour illustrations
First edition: 400 copies
Price: 320 SEK
ISBN 978-91-88539-01-4

"Performing Grounds is the collaboration between the Swedish graphic designer and publisher Dennis Hankvist and the German artist Patrick Morarescu. The photos display spaces that have suffered transformations by human actions; traces of movement, activity and change; architectures and places that once were alive and now are silent. All photographes were taken between 2007 and 2015 in Germany, Finland, Scotland, Spain, France, Romania, Jordan, Syria, Japan, Taiwan, Morocco, China and Cameroon."

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