02 June 2012

Bojan Radovič - Marumage


Artist: Bojan Radovič
Type: Zine
Pages: 52 colour pages
Size A5
Printing: Xerox
Edition: 90 copies hand numbered & signed/ First 50 numbers include original
signed and stamped photo of your choice printed on 100% cotton paper
Price: 10,00 EUR + pp (from number 51-90), 25,00 EUR + pp (from number 1-50)

"Images in this edition were made at Marumage Festival, a festival for young unmarried women to pray for a happy marriage. Every April around 40 young women from around Japan gather to dress up in geisha garb with a slight twist. The marumage coiffure was once a longstanding symbol of the married woman, and only married women were permitted to coif their hair that way. Geisha, in the hope they could one day wear it permanently, borrowed it for a single day to pray for happy marriages at the local shrine.

This work is part of European Eyes on Japan 14, project organized by EU-Japan Fest from Tokyo."

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