29 June 2012

Marianne van Loo - Pansheel Park Delhi 2012

Title: Pansheel Park Delhi 2012 'Diesel for successful living'
Artist: Marianne van Loo
16 pages
289 x 380 mm (11.4 inch x 15 inch)
Edition size: 20
type of printing : digital, colour
Price: 10£ including P&P

"Exploration of workers and their jobs in Pansheel Park, New Delhi. Once India starts allowing companies such as Wall Mart and Tesco into their country, critics fear that this will destroy millions of jobs. Where in the Western world can you still find a man that just sells tomatoes, or some plastic toys from the back of a bike? Most of these jobs will disappear in the future because of India's growing economic wealth. This is a visual record of a current social climate."

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