24 June 2012

Adrian Tyler - Dust to Dust

Title: Dust to Dust
Artist: Adrian Tyler
40 pages
Edition size: 550
Offset litho
Softcover with dustjacket
Price: 25 Euros + shipping

"Dust to Dust draws inspiration from early still life painting and recent discoveries in quantum physics both of which tell us, metaphorically and scientifically respectively that we are a small part of a vast inerconnected cosmos, and a part of that infinite expanse resides inside each and every one of us. Drawn from an archive of 8 years work in the Outer Western Isles of Scotland, Dust to Dust juxtaposes images of former dwellings slowly being decomposed by the elements with images of found books in various states of disintegration, both of which can be seen to correspond to the meaninglessness of earthly life and its transient nature."

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