16 March 2013

Hannah Darabi - Unreal City

Unreal City
Hannah Darabi
Artist book
Number of pages: 40
Type of printing: digital
Limited edition of 30 copies, all copies are hand made by the artist, signed and numbered
NB: only 4 copies left per April 17!!
Size of the book: 19 x 29 cm
Price : 200euros + shipping

"Unreal City is a series of photographs of construction projects in three different countries (Iran, France, and the United States). Having grown up in Tehran, I was looking in abroad for an opportunity to reactivate the imaginary associated with this city: a construction site. Playing a contradictory role in the urban scene, the sites contain both signs of construction and ruin, a silent off-field of the city, something that is hidden, as it is usually hidden in the theater,  the change of scenery. These perpetual construction-ruins metaphorically represent the traces of the war in the urban area (starting with the Iran-Iraq war), as well as the economic crisis of a country in search of a new identity."

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