24 March 2013

Peter Sattler & Kristinn Gudmundsson - A Tree Is Best Measured When It's Down

A Tree Is Best Measured When It's Down
Peter Sattler & Kristinn Gudmundsson
Edited and designed by Xavier Fernández Fuentes
Book, 56 pp
21 x 29.7 cm/ 8.2 x 11.7 inches
Edition: 64, with postcard set and sawdust paper sheet
 Laser printing, monochrome
25€ + shipping

The publication illustrates the journey of the artists with one tree; from its cutting down in The Netherlands, through Austria and Iceland, in order to build objects with its wood that were later presented as 1:1 photographic prints. Throughout the process, each and every part of the tree was given a function. The images presented in this book are screenshots out of their documentation films. Published on occasion of the exhibition with the same title at gallery Amstel41, Amsterdam.

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