16 March 2013

On images and photographs

Title: On images and photographs
Artists: ARSO, Jošt Bukovec, Aljaž Celarc, Klemen Ilovar, Milan Katić, Matevž Kosterov, Ginevra Shay, Liga Spunde, Pawel Starzec, Boštjan Uršič and Yaniv Waissa
Publisher: Ena Rola Filma
Type of publication: zine
Hand numbered edition of 100
A5 sized zine (210 x 148 mm, 8.3 x 5.8 in), sixteen pages + four A3 posters.
Digital printing
4 Euros + shipping (1 Euro to Slovenia and 3 Euro Worldwide)

"Photography transformed into sublime image. Image production includes scanner footage, aerial photography, 3D images, auto-generated photography, movie stills, photo-booths, glitch photos, re-photographed photos, security camera and any other similar technique of image making. The most inevitable principle is the grotesque implantation of manipulation."

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