31 January 2014

Joseph Wilcox - Power Places

Power Places
Joseph Wilcox
Staple Bound Zine
32 pages
Edition of 100
19.7 x 13.3cm, 7.75 x 5.25 in
Color Laser
$10 US / $18 International (shipping included)

"The word Huldufólk translates to hidden people, who are said to inhabit the lava fields, stone piles, boulders, and hills of Iceland. These enchanted spots are called Álagablettur, or power places, and they offer the secretive and dark landscape the Huldufólk require. Tales point to the Huldufólk protecting humans who respect their domain. But they are also territorial, and are known to defend their homes from human intrusion. The Álagablettur of Iceland are places of an ancient struggle. These photos are a documentation, a record of what remains of history, and the proof of the Huldufólk's continuing legacy."

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